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Are you tired of dealing with overdue, rejected or over priced parts? Let us change your view of the manufacturing process. Creations Unlimited is dedicated to providing outstanding quality parts at competitive prices that are delivered on time. After 20+ years of manufacturing parts for all industries in the Silicon Valley, we have learned that anyone can make promises, but it takes real, dedicated people to deliver and keep those promises. It doesn't matter if you are a huge company looking for a production shop or a small start up trying to get prototypes completed, we will do what it takes to make you happy.

New Shop Addition: Yasda PX30i 5th Axis

35 HP 20,000 RPM BT40 Big Plus SPINDLE
24/7 *Lights Out* Machining
15.7" Diameter Part x 13.5" Tall Work Envelope
33 Pallets
314 Station Tool Changer
Full 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining


New Shop Addition: Grob G350 5th Axis

23.6" Diameter Part x 20" Tall Work Envelope
Full 5 Axis Simultaneous Machining


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